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What's On Your Bulletin Board Linky - June Throwback

Hi!  I'm back for another edition of What's On Your Bulletin Board Linky!  This month, I figured since most of us are out of school we could share some throwback bulletin boards from either earlier this year or from years past.  If, by any chance, you have bulletin boards from this month due to being year round or getting out late in June, please share those!

This first throwback bulletin board is truly throwback!  It's from about 14 years ago when I taught in Kansas.  It's so old that I had to actually scan the picture in. lol  When I taught in Kansas, I was at a very small school.  As in, my last year there I had 9 students in my class!  We did not have an art teacher, so each Friday I did some kind of art project with my students.  For this project, I had the students draw a flower in the middle, draw lines around the flower, and then color it in either warm or cool colors.  I let my students decide which way they wanted to color it.  {The middle two flowers are mine.  I couldn't let my students have all the fun!}

My next two bulletin boards come from just a few years ago.  This first one is a set of bulletin boards that contain my freebie shape penguin craftivity.  My students love making these every year!

My last bulletin board is a tooth fairy activity.  My students colored a tooth fairy and then finished off the sentence stem.  It was fun to see what they wanted the tooth fairy to bring them!

Here is a closeup of one of the tooth fairies. I love how we added a touch of glitter to the wand and crown!

Would you like to share your bulletin boards (current or throwback)?  All you have to do is grab the graphic above and add your link below.  I can't wait to see all the great bulletin boards!

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Five for Friday {On a Saturday}

It has been crazy, crazy here these past two weeks.  My husband's car went into the shop for repair a dent leaving me without a car.  The AC on the bottom floor of our house stopped working correctly.  We went on a four day vacay to Disneyland.  Friday felt like Saturday, and yet I'm still a day late for Five for Friday.  But, remember one of my favorite sayings is better late than never!

Thanks again to Kacey for hosting!

I had a little mini-makeover done on my little spot in the web.  I absolutely love it!



Do you remember the little tidbit I shared above about our downstairs AC?  This is why we got it fixed as quickly as possible.  It has been H-O-T hot here in Las Vegas.  I took this picture yesterday at about 1:00.  We try to stay inside as much as possible.  We have a pool, but it's even too hot to get in unless it's early morning.  How hot has it been where you live?

I went to a two day training last week.  At the end of the training, we each received a copy of this book.  I own other books by Debbie Diller, but not this one.  I look forward to reading this in the next few weeks.  Have you read this book?  

We have three hummingbirds that live in the tree in our front yard.  They love drinking from the fountain we have.  It's so relaxing to watch them fly around!

Like I said above, we went to Disneyland for four days this week.  We had such a great time riding all the rides!  My son absolutely loves Disneyland!  He even got a little Disney magic when we were there.  Colton had been looking at a pin board and was interested in the pin below.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a pin to trade, but he was ok with that.  The cast member (CM) offered for us to get on a ride right away which was super nice!  I politely declined because we were meeting my husband at the Alice in Wonderland ride.  As we got off Alice, the CM was waiting at the exit and gave Colton the pin he had been admiring!  How super sweet was that!  She then took my husband and Colton to get on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride right away.  All I can say is that CM went out of her way to make my son's trip so special!  That afternoon, I made sure to go by City Hall to let them know about how great this CM was!  Have you ever received any Disney magic?

Thanks for stopping by for my {late} Five for Friday!

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Two Truths and a Lie Reveal!

On Tuesday, I linked up with Diana and Jayme for their Tell All Tuesday linky!

I shared three stories about myself.  The trick was that only two of those stories were true.  Ready to find out what was true and what was a lie?

My husband and I flew to Germany, picked up my brand new car, and drove around Europe for almost 2 weeks. - True!

In 2008, my husband and I flew to Munich, Germany to pick up my brand new X3!  We had a blast driving it around seeing the sights.  My husband had a lot of fun driving with no speed limit on the Autobahn!  I no longer have my X3 {it had some engine problems}, but I loved our trip we took in it!

Picking up my car at BMW Welt.
Me at Olympiapark.
My favorite gelato place in Bellagio, Italy.
Is it weird that I took a picture of it? lol

I once sat next to Josh Duhamel on a flight into Las Vegas. - False

Sadly, this is false!  I have flown into Las Vegas tons of times (you tend to do that when you live here), but I have never sat next to Josh Duhamel.  I would have loved to though! {Sorry that the picture is not centered, but felt it was necessary. You know, for editorial purposes. ;)}

My wedding was outdoors during a tornado warning. - True!

It had been raining off and on all day, but apparently we were also in a tornado warning!  Allegedly, telling the bride was something that no one wanted to do.  I thought everyone was lying when they told me about it later!  Luckily, nothing bad happened, and I married the best guy a girl could ask for.

Not a great picture and not my actual bouquet.
I'm not sure where it was. lol
So, did you guess correctly?  Thanks for stopping by!  Oh, and if anyone knows how to center a Getty Image in a blog post, can you please leave me a comment?  I spent way too much time trying to figure it out!  :)

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Tell All Tuesday: Two Truths and a Lie

I am excited to link up with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire for their super fun new linky Tell All Tuesday!

This week's topic is Two Truths and a Lie!  I have had so much fun reading all of the other posts and trying to figure out what everyone's truths and lies are!

My husband and I flew to Germany, picked up my brand new car, and drove around Europe for almost 2 weeks.

I once sat next to Josh Duhamel on a flight into Las Vegas.

My wedding was outdoors during a tornado warning.

Which one do you think is the lie?  Leave a comment with your guess.  I will be back in three days to share the answer.

Thanks for stopping by!
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My Last Two Days of School

I can't believe how quickly this school year has flown by!  It seems like just yesterday I welcomed my Kinders in my classroom, and on Thursday I told them goodbye.  We had quite the busy week last week.  Monday was our Kindergarten promotion.  We sang five songs for our families, and I have to say my Kinders rocked it!  Tuesday, we completed some last minute learning.  Wednesday and Thursday were completely for fun!  I want to share with you some of the fun from the last two days!

I knew that it was going to be a good day when this beauty was waiting in the teacher's lounge for me to grab up.  Ok, so it wasn't waiting just for me, but I sure am glad I got to it before it was gone.  So yummy! {Our super office manager got donuts for the school, and this is my absolute favorite one of the bunch.}

Ok, onto the fun in the classroom.  My bestie and I decided that we wanted to do some fun crafting.  She tackled one project in her classroom, and I tackled another in mine.  The kids did some picture  and word searches while we pulled them to do the projects.  

My bestie's project was a fireworks project.  First the students took white crayon and drew a city scene on the bottom half of a black piece of construction paper.  She then had students "draw" fireworks on with white glue.  Finally, the students had a blast with glitter!  Glitter was everywhere! So fun!  I mean, really, who doesn't love glitter?  {I mean besides my husband and custodian.  lol}

My project was marble painting.  I had the students come over and sit on my carpet in a row.  I had them write their name on their paper.  Then I put their paper in the art trays, added blue and red paint, and handed them off!  The students had so much fun watching the marbles make designs on their paper!  Once the papers were dried, my bestie and I cut out the stars that were on the paper.  Our Kinders were so excited to see their finished projects!

At the end of the day, my Kinders went home with these envelopes filled to the brim with projects that they completed throughout the year, their year long portfolios, and their poetry journals.  The students made the covers the second week of school by tracing their names with glue and tearing different colored pieces of construction paper.  I then laminated them and added a plain piece of construction paper to the back to make the envelope.  I wish I could show you the whole name, but I think you get the idea.  :)

My Kinders were so proud as they carried their envelopes out to their waiting families at the end of the day!

Thursday was a half day, but packed full of fun!  We started off with a little dance party.  We then went outside for a little chalk fun.  A group of my Kinder girls drew me a house with a pool and casita.  One of the girls then "sold" it to me for $300 and gave me $25,000 in change.  Not a bad deal if I say so myself!

As I walked around, I found these two spots on the playground.  Super sweet!

After the chalk fun, we went inside to watch our slideshow that my bestie made for us.  It's always fun to see their reactions when they see themselves on the screen!  We watched for a little bit and then went outside for some bubble fun.  After they were bubbled out, we went inside for a little snack and watched a video until it was time to go home.  My Kinders went home with a copy of the slideshow, a book from me, their report cards, and a hug!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my last two days with my Kinders!
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