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Freebies Page is Finally Up!

I am so excited!  I have had this blog design for a little over a year.  When I had it made, I had the designer put a Freebies page up at the top thinking that I would get it done right away.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  Today it finally happened!  My Freebies page is up and going.  You will see freebies that have previously been posted here and also those that I have posted on Teachers Pay Teachers.  As I make more Freebies they will be added to page.  Jump over to my Freebies page to check it out!

Well, I am off to do my lesson plans.  Have a great Monday!

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My Day & Giveaway Winner!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!  This morning we went to the opening of a new Lego Store here in Las Vegas.  They were having a Master Build and people could come and make "bricks" for the large R2D2 that was being built.  My son had so much fun!  When we were done we drove down the Strip {which I haven't done in who knows how long} and Colton got to see all the hotels.  As we passed the airport, four Air Force jets flew over us!  That was pretty cool!  We don't see them on our side of the valley often.

I love how the Master Builder photo bombed Colton!
Enough about my day.  I'm sure you are more interested in who won that fabulous Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Michelle!  I will be emailing you shortly!

Thanks again everyone for sticking with my little blog!
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Five For Friday

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!  Once again, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a little Five for Friday Fun!

My bestie and I needed a quick craft on Tuesday and I remembered this super cute Earth Day handprint craft that I saw on Pinterest.  I quickly made a circle template, sent my assistant down to the art teacher to wrangle up some green paint, and got to work doing handprints.  That afternoon I called a small group over to finish painting their Earths.

We also wrote about how what we could do to to help take care of the Earth.  Can I just say I love invented spelling?  Love it!!!

Today during prep I was able to put all the sentences and Earths on my bulletin board outside my room.

We worked on ways to make 10 this week.  I used a cookie sheet and some magnetic counters to show different ways to make 10 and had the students give me the addition sentence to go with my display.  They then had to give me the "partner" problem.  I made this super simple chart while we completed this activity.

Today we made this Combinations of 10 book that I made a couple of years back.  The students had to color the flowers and write the addition problem that went with the pictures.  You can get this freebie {here}.

So ever have those days when you just need a cupcake?  Well, I do and that day this week was Wednesday.  I let my husband know after dinner that I was running down to the little cupcake shop down the street for a cupcake.  The top right cupcake was for my son.  I had a bite of it and it was ok.  Wednesday night I ate the strawberry cupcake and it was so delicious!  I don't know if you can tell, but it even had edible glitter!  Last night I ate the red velvet and it was good too.  My fav was definitely the strawberry.  I thought about stopping by there on my way home tonight for another, but I held out.  Maybe tomorrow.  ;)

My son came to school with me yesterday for Take Your Child to Work Day!  He was so excited! For many years he has wanted to come to "Mommy's school" and he finally got the chance.  He helped with a variety of classroom activities and even taught my students a song in sign language.  One of my parents came up to me today to tell me her son said it was so much fun to have Colton in the classroom and he wished he could come every day.  Melted my heart!

This video is one of my students' newest favorite brain breaks!

Thanks for joining me for another round of Five For Friday!
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Photo Dump! Part 2 & Giveaway Reminder

You may remember my Photo Dump - Part 1 from a few weeks ago.  Well, I am back with Photo Dump - Part 2!

We spent part of February learning about how to keep our teeth healthy.  One project that we did was to make a healthy teeth "toothbrush" book.

Students drew tools that help keep their teeth clean on the first page.

Students drew pictures of foods that help keep their teeth healthy on the second page.  

On the last page, the students drew a picture of visiting the dentist.  

We also colored a picture of the tooth fairy, added a little bit of glitter, and wrote about what we would like the tooth fairy to bring.  

Here is the hallway display of the toothbrush books and the tooth fairies. 

We also did a little bit of St. Patrick's Day fun.  We sponge painted a shamrock and added some of that wonderful stuff called glitter to them while they were still wet.  

We also made Marsha's leprechaun craft.  I love how each one is so individual even though they started out with the same pieces!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my second round of photo dumping!  

If you haven't entered my Anniversary Giveaway yet, there's still time!  I'll pick a winner in just a few days.  

Have a great Thursday!

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Anniversary Giveaway! {TpT Gift Certificate}

My husband and I are celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary today!

This morning, we went out to breakfast and to see Rio 2 with our son.  Right now we are taking a little break.  After a little rest, we are going to drop our son off at Grandma and Papa's house for a little date afternoon.  We're going to go eat at a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that we used to frequent in our "younger" days.  After that, we are going to see the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor.  I've been wanting to go for a few years so I'm excited to finally get to go!

Now, you're probably wondering what in the world this has to do with my blog.  Well, two years and one month ago I started my blog.  {I know I'm a month late.  Remember my newest motto - better late than never?  Here's another example for you!}  I wanted to thank all of my wonderful followers for sticking with me even when there were very large gaps between posts.  Therefore, I am giving away a $25 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers.  Enter below for your chance to win!  Good luck!

Thanks again for sticking with me!

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Five For Friday - Spring Break Edition

What? Could it be?  Am I really posting a Five for Friday on a Friday?  Why, yes - yes I am!  I'm so proud of myself!

Being that it is Spring Break, I have been able to spend a lot of time with my little guy.  Ok, he's not so little anymore.  When did I become the mother of an 8 year old?  Anyway, back to what I was saying {typing?}.  My son and I went to the library on Tuesday to renew our library cards and check out some books.  I decided that we would take a little detour on the way home and go by the Dairy Queen.  When we go there, my son insisted that he wanted to get a banana split.  I tried to convince him to get an ice cream cone or a bowl of ice cream, but he was not having it.  I gave in and Colton had his very first banana split.  No, he did not eat the whole thing.  Not even close.  He ate the whipped cream, one banana, and a little bit of the ice cream on the chocolate side.  Was I upset?  Not one bit.  I was so proud of him for wanting to try something new!  {He has big food aversions.  As in such bad food aversions that it's in his IEP to not make him eat anything that he doesn't want to try.}

One of our neighbors dropped by on Tuesday and gave us a plate of rice crispy treat cupcakes.  We thought it was so sweet and wanted to return the generosity.  I decided to use my new Peeps cookie pan to make some Peep sugar cookies.  They came out so cute if I do say so myself!

Today I called SDE to sign up for the I Teach K conference!  I can't wait to go!  I've been in the past, but I didn't go last year.  This year I decided I definitely wanted needed to go.  Best part, no travel expenses.  Well, unless you count the gas to drive the 15 minutes down the road!  :)

I just love to cook and find new recipes.  This week I made a couple new recipes.  One was a crockpot lasagna recipe.  It was ok, but I'm not sure if I will make it again.  Tonight I made a Cafe Rio pork copycat recipe along with a new tortilla recipe.  This one was much better!  Delicious!  After we ate, we decided to leave the pork in the crockpot to soak up even more of the juices.  Even better!  We will definitely be eating these leftovers!  I do need to work on my tortillas though.  I didn't have a circle in the bunch, but I did have a lot of rectangles.  haha

Last week I shared with you a set of clipart from one of my favorite clipart artists.  Well, Sarah has opened her own store and is having a big sale starting tomorrow and Sunday!  Everything is going to be 35% off.  I wonder how much damage I'll do?  Probably a lot!

Thanks for stopping by for an actual Five for Friday!  Be sure to drop by tomorrow for an Anniversary surprise!

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