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A Twist on an Old Favorite & A Pic of Dad's Truck

For many years my bestie and I did the turkey family project.  The students took home a construction paper turkey and decorated it with their families.  This was such a fun project!  We loved seeing how each family chose to decorate their turkey.

Last year we decided to change it up.  We were in a new grade level, and we thought that it would be the perfect time to change tradition.  We chose to send home cornucopias home instead.  We were so impressed with how well they came out!  So when November came around again, we sent home the packet and here are the results.  Love them!

You may have read about the fire that destroyed my parents' garage last night.  I talked to my dad tonight, and he was in a pretty good mood all things considered.  He's just happy that the fire was caught fairly quickly.  I thought I would share a pic of my dad's truck {or what's left of it}.  I see shopping for a new truck {and building a garage} in Dad's future.

Just a reminder that the big sale is still going on at Teachers Pay Teachers.  My entire store is on sale for 20% off and with TpT's code, cmt12, you can get an extra 10% off for a total of 28% off.  Happy Shopping!

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Numbers 0-10 and Goodbye to Some Family History

My class and I have been working hard on numbers 0-10.  I introduced ten frames and tally marks previously, and I wanted to put it all together.  That lead me to make our Numbers 0-10 book.  For each number, we wrote the numeral, drew pictures that matched the number, made a ten frame, made tally marks, and wrote the number word.  This project took quite a few days, but it looked great when it was done!

You can get a copy of the cover and inside page by clicking the picture below.  You will need to make 11 copies of the inside page.

Border by Scrappin Doodles

On a completely different note, I got a frantic phone call from my mother today.  We were having a great time putting up our Christmas tree and the phone rang.  My mom was crying and all I thought of was my grandma who went into the hospital last Sunday with pneumonia.  Turns out their garage was on fire.  My parents live on the farm that my dad grew up on.  There are so many outbuildings and trees that could have burnt down, not to mention the farmhouse.  Thankfully, the only casualty was the garage and my dad's truck.  My dad told me later that the fire almost reached the barn {The barn is my absolute favorite thing on the farm.  I even planned my wedding around that barn.}  My brother is a sheriff's deputy and was on duty when the 911 call came in.  The dispatcher sent him out right away.  I can't imagine what his thoughts were as he was driving out there.  I am so thankful that my parents are ok, and that this happened during the day.  It could have been devastating.  My dad is going to take pictures for me tomorrow.  I know I will be sad to see something that has a lot of family history gone.  I still picture my grandpa's truck parked right where my dad's truck probably was.  Thanks for listening {reading?} about my scare of the day.  I know it doesn't have anything to do with teaching, but I needed to get that out.
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Classroom Pics, A Sale, and a Freebie

I know, I know.  I didn't quite get back "later that week"  to post pics.  I'm sorry.  I have come to redeem myself with a freebie, and hopefully get back into the swing of things.  Hold on, this may be a little long.

First up are my classroom pictures.  These are pictures from the beginning of the year, so things have changed a little since 30 little Kinders have joined the room.  {Btw, my 30 little Kinders are the best.  I have a great class this year.  They are great listeners and are always trying their best.}

I have four crate seats for my computer table.  I am so proud of these!
They were a family affair.  My father-in-law cut the boards for me and
my husband upholstered them.  
My wall with my zebra paper.  (I had to add more papers after this picture.)
This was the first project up on the wall.  The students made Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star
This is my alphabet that I have up in my classroom.
I made number cards to match my alphabet cards.
I am loving my zebra and blue classroom!  My students seem to love it too!  I hope to show you even more pictures of my classroom soon.

Have you heard about the big Cyber Monday {and Tuesday} over at Teachers Pay Teachers?  Well, I am joining in and my entire store will be on sale for 20%.  TpT also has a code, cmt12, that will add an extra 10% for a total of 28% off.

Thanks to Ashley for the cute graphic!

Now, we will move onto the freebie. :)  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We celebrated with my husband's family at our house.  My husband made the best deep fried turkey - yum, yum!  We also got back to an old tradition - s'mores.  For many years, my brother-in-law and I would make s'mores after our meal.  Well, we stopped when my son started walking.  This year we brought the s'mores back with a vengeance!  Colton got to roast his very first marshmallow, and we had so much fun!

In honor of bringing back the s'mores, I made a little sight word freebie.  Click on the picture to grab your copy.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for sticking with me!  I know I haven't been the best blogger, but I am going to try to be a better one.  See you soon!
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Election Day Activities

Long time, no blog.  I'm not quite sure where my time went, but I am back!  I am so excited to get back to my little blog!  Poor thing feels so neglected.

I plan on sharing some pictures of my classroom later this week, but I wanted to share what we did today in class.  Tomorrow, of course, is the election.  We have a Staff Development Day due to the schools being used as polling sites, so today we had a little election in our classroom.

The first thing that we did was read this great book.  I just love Duck and all the antics he gets into.

After the story, the students made their own Voter Registration Cards.  We discussed how adults have to register in order to vote.  The students did such a great job on their cards!  You can find them here.

Next, it was time to vote.  Students brought their Voter Registration cards over when I called their table to vote.  They then took a ballot to make their choice between Duck and Farmer Brown.  One student was so cute.  He couldn't decide who he wanted to vote for.  The pen went back and forth many times.  Loved it!  Each student received a "I voted today" sticker when they were done.  They were so proud to wear them!  The students waiting to be called to vote colored this Election Day picture.  

After our specials, we tallied our votes to see who won.  You can get my graph here {clipart by KPM Doodles}.  

Duck won!  It was close there for awhile, but Duck pulled out ahead.  I was so proud of my students.  This was the first time that they had made tally marks, and I think they did a great job!

The students were so excited as I pulled each ballot.  The ballots can be found here.  

My students and I had so much fun today learning about the voting process!  It was great finding so many resources at Teachers Pay Teachers so that I could mix and match and make it what I wanted!

I hope you have a great Election Day!

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