Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

Once again I am linking up with up Michelle at Fabulous in First for her fun Sunday Smorgasbord linky.

I had such a great time at the I teach K conference last week!  One of the highlights was meeting Marc Brown and getting a book signed for my son.  My son was so excited when I got home with his very special book.  {You may have already seen this picture if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram.}

I ordered these super cute shirts for my Kindergarten team while at the conference.  Being that we teach in Las Vegas, I thought they were perfect for us!

There was a huge Teacher Blogger Meet Up on Wednesday night.  It was very crowded, but lots of fun!  

As we walked in, there were tables with some great free items and who doesn't like free?  I can't wait to try out the Scentos markers!

Yesterday, I ended my 19 day streak of no candy.  My son has been into Willy Wonka and really wanted to go to a chocolate factory.  Well, my husband and I remembered that there's a fun little chocolate factory in Henderson that had a self guided tour.  Colton was absolutely thrilled from the minute we pulled up and had a great time.  Since it was a chocolate factory that gave out free samples, my no candy thing kind of went out the window.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by to check pout my Sunday Smorgasbord!  I will be back very soon with highlights from the sessions I attended at the I Teach K conference.  See you then!

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