Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Solid Shapes

Today my class worked on the terms three-dimensional and solid to describe solid shapes.  We made a chart describing the attributes of 3-D shapes.  My Kinders are so smart.  They were able to tell me how many faces on each 3-D shape and what the shape of each face was.  I even tried to trick them by adding on the pyramid at the last minute {I messed up my chart wanted my students to extend their learning.}, but they are too smart for me.  

We then completed a three-dimensional book where we had to identify the 3-D shape.  As we completed each page, we passed around 3-D shapes so that students could inspect them closer.

As a conclusion, we sang 3-D Shapes I Know.  My Kinders love this song!  We have been singing it for a few weeks and I think I will cry if my students are not able to identify their 3-D shapes the next time I test.  Ok, maybe I won't cry.  We will probably just keep practicing.  

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