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Make Your Own Spinners - A Tutorial

Last night, I posted this picture on Instagram.  Someone requested that I share how I made these fun spinners that I made to practice color words.  Warning:  This post is very picture heavy.  :)  {I'm showing a new spinner that I am made for a 3D shapes game I'm in the process of making.  The color words spinner was made using the exact same process.}

I started by opening up PowerPoint and making a 5x5 inch square for the base of the spinner.  I then filled it with an orange digital paper.  

Next, I added two different fraction circles and sized them to 4.5 x 4.5 inches.  Each fraction circle had four different sections.   {Please note that you can find fraction circle clip art on Teachers Pay Teachers if you want more or less sections.}

Next, I filled one of the circles with a color and made sure the other had no fill.

Then, I placed the circle with no fill on top of the colored circle and grouped them.

Finally, I placed the circle on top of the square base and added the information I wanted on my spinner.

I was finished with my spinner in PowerPoint, so I printed it off, laminated it and cut it out.

Now that the spinner is made and printed out, you can do one of two things.  The first thing you can do is use the trusted pencil and paperclip trick that we all know and love deal with.  {Thanks to my son for demonstrating this.}

The other way is my preferred way - using game spinners.  The spinners I am using are a few years old.  I bought them from Really Good Stuff, but I looked tonight and they are no longer available.

However, I did find some spinners on Amazon if you are interested.  {Click the picture to check them out.}

Ok, back to my project.  I grabbed my trusty Cropodile from my scrapbooking room to punch out the middle of the card to place the spinner.  I put one hole in the middle and then punched around that hole until it was large enough for the back to go through.

I then placed the top of the spinner onto the back and tried it out.  {My husband was very proud of his picture of the spinner spinning.  ;)  }

I hope you enjoyed my little process of how I made my spinners.  I know there are tons of great spinner games on Teachers Pay Teachers, but sometimes you need one that's not available.  I highly recommend you try making your own sometime.  It's definitely worth the effort.  My Kinders loved using the color words spinners today during literacy centers!

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Wordless Wednesday

I know I have been missing for a bit, but I thought I would link up with Christina at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday.

My son is currently in the Third Grade.  He is a self-contained Autism classroom for about half of the day and gen ed for the rest of the day.  My son's Autism teacher and I agreed that he should do the gen ed homework, because he is super smart {if I do say so myself} and can do the work. 

Well, yesterday he came home with a math homework page that I had to google how to help him.  I felt really silly that I had no idea what a tape diagram was.  However, I asked a couple teachers at my school today about it, and they had no idea either.  I have to say I felt so much better!  :)

Has your child ever came home from school with a homework assignment that you had no idea what to do?  I knew this was coming someday.  I just didn't think it would be in Third Grade.  LOL

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Five for Friday

A Five for Friday actually on a Friday?  Why yes, yes it is!  I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for an on time (at least in my time zone) Five for Friday.

I haven't had a chance to share my classroom yet, so I thought I would share a few pictures.  I'm really trying to keep my classroom cleaner and more organized this year.  Eight days and I can still see the top of my desk.  Sounds like success to me!

I got my students' raccoon  projects up in the hallway!  I love how they look up!  However, I don't love how they're crooked.  I really should have taken my level out when I put them up.  lol

We have been working on identifying characters this week.  Today I read A Hippopotamus Ate the Teacher and had my students draw a picture of a character from the story.  All the pictures turned out great!  Here a couple of them.  :)

We have the best PTA ever!  They are always doing great things for us!  Today they filled a fridge with all sorts of yummy treats and drinks!

I have been looking for a nice lanyard for a long time.  Well, my husband bought me this one for my birthday!  Love!

Thanks for joining me for a on time Five for Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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September Currently

Could it be?  Two blog posts in two days?  Why yes it is! This one is even on time, unlike yesterday's post.  lol

Thanks Farley for this fun linky!

Listening:  My son is sitting next to me and watching some Youtube videos on his tablet.  The current one seems to be about Captain America. 

Loving:  I am absolutely loving that I have a clean house.  That way I can relax a little today.

Thinking:  I do have a pretty good life.  People who love me, a wonderful job, pretty much anything I need/want.  Could you ask for anything more?  I can't.

Wanting:  My husband and son are taking me to The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday today.  I cannot wait to have some Buffalo Blasts.  Oh, so yummy!

Needing:  To do lesson plans - enough said.  lol

Vacations:  My son really wants to go to England, so that is number one on my list.  I also would love to visit North Carolina someday.  The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. is also high on my lists of vacation trips of the future. 

Go check out Farley for more Currently's from around the teacher blogosphere.

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