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Valentine Short and Long Vowel Bump

Remember this teaser from the other day?

My class and I have been playing my Hot Chocolate Short Vowel Bump in my reading groups.  They have so much fun "bumping" their friends' cubes off the board.  {I think they like bumping my cubes off even better.  lol}  If you have played the math version of bump, this game is very similar only we identify short vowel pictures instead of numbers.  

I decided to switch my game up a tad and make a Valentine themed version with both short and long vowel pictures.  You can find it here or if you head over to my Facebook fan page, you can get up under my fan freebie button but only until I finish my lesson plans for this week.  {Don't worry - It will be there a while.  I have shopping and cleaning to do before I even start my plans.  haha}

Have a fun and sweet week with your students!
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Five For Friday

Happy Friday! I am so excited to link up again with Doodle Bugs for a good old fashioned Five for Friday!

We did a little addition practice by feeding penguins some fish.  My Kinders had so much fun practicing addition this way!  {And probably enjoyed eating the goldfish even more ;)}

We have been working on differing sounds in words.  I put together this little skills sheet for students to change up the word "cat".  We started off the lesson by reviewing what CVC meant.  We talked about how the vowel can only be in the middle of a CVC word.  The students then cut out and glued letters to make new words from cat, wrote out the words, and read their new words to me.  We did a similar page the next day.  I was so impressed with how well my students did!  They are reading CVC words like pros!  

Would this be something that you would be interested in as a freebie?

We started our Daily 5 this week.  This is where my students pick their Daily 5 choice by placing their picture next to a number.  As they finish one choice, they move their picture to their next choice.  It is a big change from what we have done previously, but I'm confident that we can get this down in no time at all!  I hope to soon show you how my classroom is set up now for our new adventure.

I received my 10 year pin this week from my school district.  If by any chance you teach in the same district, you know that this means I'm actually in my 12th year of teaching here. {Everyone gets their pins a year to two late.  lol}

I leave you with a funny.  The other day my son picked these books to read before bed.  Of course as he brought me them,  he started snickering!  {Love his sense of humor!}  Sadly, this is not the first time that Colton has brought me two copies of the same book from his bookcase.  I really should check before I buy him books.  lol

Have a great weekend!

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Small Update

Hi!  Remember me?  I'm the blogger who said that one goal for 2014 was to blog at least once a week.  Apparently, I am bad at goals.  haha

Some of that yuckiness that I spoke about at the end of December followed me into 2014.  However, things have really been looking up this past week! So excited about all the good that is going on! 

I will be back tomorrow with Five for Friday.  I leave you with a picture that I will talk more about this weekend.  Have a super Friday!

P.S.  Don't forget to "like" my Facebook page.  You never know when a fan freebie might show up.  :)
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