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Nevada Reading Week

This week our school is celebrating Nevada Reading Week.  The theme for this year is "Read It! Dream It!  Do It!"  My school decided to tie this theme to college and careers as a lead in to our Career Day next week.  The teachers made a t-shirt with their college logos to hang on the bulletin board outside the library.  My students were so excited when I showed them mine with "the big E."  :)

One of the activities that we participated in this week was the ever fun dress up days.  Monday students wore readable shirts.  On Tuesday, the student wore sports jerseys.  Wednesday was college shirt day. {I was glad it was cool since the only shirt from my college is long-sleeved.  I really need to get online and buy me a short-sleeved shirt.  Bad alum.  lol}  Today was the day all teachers love - pajama day.  Who doesn't love getting up, taking a shower, and putting jammies back on?  I know I do!  Tomorrow is red, black and white day.  {I am taking tomorrow off to be a Mommy and read at my son's school.  So excited!}

Another school wide activity we do is Reading Bingo.  Every year my class goes bonkers for this!  Each classroom fills in a bingo board with a list of character names.  Then at 1:30 each afternoon, our librarian or music teacher comes on the intercom and calls the names.  If you have a bingo, you ring into the front office and it is announced throughout the school.  We haven't won so far, but we came very close on Monday.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be our day!  Here is our bingo board for this year. 

Another fun activity that many teachers participated in was decorating our classroom doors.  I just love how my door turned out!  

Our door was based on Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We first read then book, and then we got to the fun!  My students were super excited when I told them we were going to do a directed drawing.  They actually cheered!  That definitely made my heart smile.  We first did our drawing in pencil and then traced it in black Sharpie.  I then asked them to cut around their caterpillars, but not on the line.  They thought I was crazy, because I am always reminding them to cut on the lines.

My example.

The next day, I got these goodies from my school's art teacher.  I have to say I have an awesome art teacher at my school!  I went in to ask for one thing, and I came out with paintbrushes, watercolors, and paint shirts.  If you have never used liquid watercolors, I highly recommend them.  They are so much better than the ones you can get in the store.  However, they can stain - hence the paint shirts just for watercolors.

I called my students over table by table to paint their caterpillars.  They really enjoyed doing this!  Smiles were all around!

I leave you with a picture of me in my jammies today with my classroom door.  I hope that you are enjoying your Reading Week as much as my students are!

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