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Math Monday: Combinations of 5

Hello!  I hope everyone is enjoying President's Day!  I have a fun activity to share with you today. My class has been working on the different combinations of the numbers 3-6.  The first thing we would do each day was to play Shake and Spill.  My Kinders loved playing this game!  We then made a chart with all of the combinations of that number. {You can see what the charts for the number 3 look like in the picture below}  It was fun to see how my Kinders got better and better at this each day that we played the game and made the charts.

When we got to the number 5, I remembered a fun book that my son had in his bedroom "library."

I borrowed his book to share with my class.  I first read the book straight through.  Then, I had my Kinders help read the book with me.  Finally, I turned on my projector and acted out the song with cubes as my Kinders sang.

After I acted out the song, we made this cute activity to go along with the book.  I first gave each student a 6 inch by 9 inch dark blue piece of paper and had them cut out a pond.  Their ponds were so original!  I loved them!  We then glued the ponds to the top of a light blue piece of paper.  {Next time I'll use green.  I wasn't thinking of grass.  lol}  I then gave the students a 3 inch by 9 inch piece of brown paper to make a log.  I showed them how to use a brown crayon to make the lines on the log.  {Next time I will use a smaller piece of brown paper.  We had some really big logs.}  My Kinders then glued their logs overlapping their ponds.  The students were then given a strip of five frogs to color.  They then cut them out and glued some on the log and some on the pond.  We then finished the sentence starter and wrote an addition sentence to go with our pictures.

I just love how these turned out!  Each one is so original.  My students really enjoyed doing this activity!  What activities do you do to practice number combinations?
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