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Facebook Fan Freebie

Did you know that when you deactivate your personal Facebook account it also deactivates any fan pages you have made?  Yep - it does.  I deactivated my personal FB account a few months ago and didn't think much of my blog page I made.  I know I should have, but with all the yucky stuff that was going on I didn't.

Yesterday, I decided to post something on my blog page.  I couldn't get on it.  Oops!  Well, I got everything all figured out last night and decided to add a freebie to my page.  Head over to the Teaching is Sweet Facebook page, become a fan, and a great freebie will be waiting for you.  {Hint:  It's my best selling item on TpT and will only be up for a few days.}

As 2013 comes to an end, I want to thank you for sticking with me!  I know I havent' been the best blogger out there, but I am going to try harder in the new year.  Have a fun and safe New Year!
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Fun With Verbs

My class and I had so much fun working on verbs in November.  {Yes, November. Remember that I have been a tad absent in my blogging?}

We started out our unit on verbs by singing this groovy song by Have Fun Teaching.  It was great to get the students up and moving.  {Warning:  This song will get stuck in your head and your significant other may look at you strangely when you start singing "A verb is a word.  It's an action word."}

Funny side story - I was being observed on my use of Kagan strategies and this was my little intro to my lesson. See where this was going?  Yep, for some reason right at that moment was when Youtube decided to stop working on my classroom computer. Going with the punches, I had the students sit down to start our strategy.  No sooner had they sat down, the video started playing again.  So we got up and started singing and dancing.  I am so glad my Instructional Coach had a great sense of humor and enjoyed the song.  {She was dancing along with us!}

We also did another activity that got my Kinders up and moving.  I call it The Verb Can.  Original, I know.  Don't be jealous of my creativity.  haha

Anyway, I had different verbs written on slips of paper in an empty can.  I would pull a piece of paper out and my Kinders would act it out.  The students had so much fun!  When they would start to giggle, I would say "The verb wasn't giggle" and that would make them giggle even more.  We had such a great time!

I had a little time this morning and I decided to cutesy it up a bit.  {I have to say it was great getting back into the designing mood.  It's been a while. :) }

I can't wait to take it to school and show it to my Kinders.  They will love the updated version!

If you would like to have your students giggling up a storm while practicing verbs, you can get your copy {here}.  I have it discounted right now for 20% off.

I would love to give away a few copies of The Verb Can to my followers.  The first three followers that comment and leave their email address will get a free copy.

What fun activities do you do in your classroom to practice verbs?

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Thirteen in '13 Linky

I saw this fun linky around blogland and thought it was just what I needed to get the year over with finish off my year.  See, I have had a kind of yucky year and am impatiently waiting for the new year to begin.  {I won't go into all the yuckiness here, but I will say it has nothing to do with my class or husband/son.  Those two (3?) things have actually been the best things going this year.}  Anyway, no one came here to listen to me whine.  On with the show blog post.  Thanks to Hadar, Traci, and Kristin for hosting this linky!

13.  Favorite piece of clothing
Last Christmas, my mother-in-law bought me a sweater to wear over my shirts at work.  My classroom gets cool sometimes so I have always had a long sleeved shirt at school to wear.  This sweater looks so much nicer.  I have to confess.  I also wear it at home and in the car when we go on trips {my hubby likes to keep the car/house cool}.  I may be wearing it right now.  ;)

I am wearing it here.  Love it!
12.  Favorite Movie You Watched
My favorite movie that I saw in the movie theater was Frozen.  We took our son to see this movie earlier this month, and I absolutely loved it!

My favorite movie that I watched at home on Netflix was The King's Speech.  I thought it was such a good movie. {I may have to watch it again soon!}

11.  Favorite TV Series
Unfortunately, I don't have just one favorite.  My favorites are How I Met Your Mother, NCIS Los Angeles, and Blue Bloods.  I also enjoy Two Broke Girls, Elementary, Big Bang Theory, and Hawaii 5-0.  {I think I just realized why I've been neglecting my blog.  haha}

10.  Favorite Restaurant
Sadly, I no longer have a favorite restaurant.  I did yesterday, but not today.  We went to my fav restaurant today, and they changed their menu.  I had two entrees I liked and my husband had an entree he liked.  Guess what?  All three entrees were off the menu!  The waitress said they took a few items off the menu.  I guess the few items were the things we liked.  :(

I will have to answer this question now with my favorite fast food place - Cafe Rio.  I love the pork burrito and queso with chips.  Yum!

9.  Favorite New Thing You Tried
Kagan Strategies!  We had some inservice about Kagan Strategies in November.  I love using them in my classroom!  {I hope to write a blog post soon about this.}

8.  Favorite Gift You Got
I am going to have to break the rules again.  I have two favorite gifts, but they kind of go together.

I got my Silhouette Cameo as an early gift in November.  I haven't used it a lot, but I love it!  I also got a Cannon Selphy to print off pictures at home.  I can't wait to use these two new items to do a little scrapbooking!

7.  Favorite Thing you Pinned
I have two of these too.  {See a pattern here?}

I love quotes, and this one really spoke to me.

I laughed when I saw this one.  I showed it to my husband, and he didn't get it.  I guess it's a teacher thing.  :)

6.  Favorite Blog Post
It would probably have to be my post about how I set up my classroom tables.

5.  Best Accomplishment
I finally reached 200 followers on my blog this summer.  Thanks everyone!

4.  Favorite Picture

I snapped this picture of my husband and son watching the fireworks at Disneyland from Disney's California Adventure.  Normally Colton has to have his headphones on when the fireworks are going off, but since we were in the other park, he was able to enjoy them without.  :)

3.  Favorite Memory
My favorite memory this past year was probably going back to Kansas last January to see my grandma.  She passed away in June, and I was so happy that I got to see her one last time.

2.  Goals for 2014
Personal:  Make time for myself to do what I enjoy.
Home:  Use my cleaning schedule and meal planning apps.  :)
Professional:  Teach with rigor and intention.  Continue to make learning fun for my students and for myself!
Blog:  Post at least once a week.

1.  One Little Word
Challenge - I am going to try to challenge myself in different ways this year in order to achieve my goals.  It's not always going to be pretty or fun, but I need to do this for myself.  :)

Thanks for reading my Thirteen in '13!

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